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We are "Eyes of Mercy Ministries", a tax-exempt, faith-based, non-profit organization that was originally organized in 2009. The worship component of our organization is committed to passing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who may be unable to attend a church building, either because of medical confinement, age, or disability. Many of those whom we serve have suffered their spiritual needs to have been under-served, unmet, or completely forgotten. 

Despite the fact that our ministry began in 2009, we were not officially incorporated in 2012. Through this process, we were granted our tax-exempt status, which has enhanced our original desire to serve our groups with worship services on a weekly basis. It is only by your donations, and the "Grace of God" that any of this is even possible.

Our mission is to increase faith, and encourage connectedness to God. We accomplish this by  increasing faith and inspiring hope, while bringing joy, peace, and the possibility of  eternal salvation through worship, prayer, and the study of God's Word. 

If someone you know presently resides in a care facility, and is missing the privilege of hearing The Word, and of worshiping and praising the Lord, we encourage you to drop us a line through our "Contact Us" form below.  


Write to:
Eyes of Mercy Ministries
PO Box 9114
Pittsburg, CA 94565

At Eyes of Mercy Ministries, our attentive staff is available 9am-5pm, Monday - Friday, to answer your questions and ensure that your message gets prompt attention. We insure complete confidentiality, as your message can only be accessed by the Eyes of Mercy Ministries staff.  

Because of the somewhat sensitive financial position of those we serve, we do not solicit tithes or offerings from them. Rather, as a non-profit organization, we exist only through your donations, and through the generosity & support of people just like you.   

For your convenience, a safe and secure means of contributing to this ministry has been provided below, and we thank you in advance for your gifts, for allowing us to serve you, and for blessing those who benefit from the Eyes of Mercy Ministries' efforts. 

"May the God of Heaven richly bless you for your kind and generous support."

Who We Are and What We Do