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Partners of Eyes of Mercy Ministries 
Eyes of Mercy Ministries is happy to coordinate all of your charitable gifts and donations. Although it is not mandatory to become a partner in order to give to this ministry, we pray that all of our donors will be inspired to partner with us as we continue to serve the Lord, as we continue to encourage and uplift the afflicted and the elderly. Many of those we minister to are either approaching, or are already in end-of-life situations. Some of these have never been introduced to the message of salvation. They need to hear the comforting word of God. They need your help! You can help them by helping us to continue to deliver them the reassurances and the promises of God's Word. By designating your gift as a recurring contribution, you will help us to continue bringing this worthwhile ministry to them.  

In order to become a partner, click the "Donate" button and when the page appears, just put a check-mark in the box that says "Make This Recurring (Monthly)", at the top-right side of the donation page. This will allow your gift to repeat on the same day of each month. However, for a one-time donation, you can leave the "Make This Recurring (Monthly)" box unchecked.

We at Eyes of Mercy Ministries love, and greatly appreciate all of our donors, and we are extremely grateful for your willingness to help bring comfort, peace, and the opportunity for the gift of eternal life to all of those that we cheerfully serve, both now and in the future.  

             May the God of Heaven richly bless you for your unselfish efforts, efforts that will enable this ministry to continue to minister to those who are often abandoned and forgotten. 
From the Eyes of Mercy Ministries team, we say
Thank You.

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